Daniel, I thought I would report I finally got around to using ChatGPT. I'm honored to be the last person on the Internet to do so. :-)

As everyone else has already said, it's a quite impressive tool. And it's pretty much perfect for my current project. My blog is an image and video site, and my original intention was to not have any text content at all. But then I decided I wanted to share some background info about some of the artists I'm showcasing in the videos. But I don't want to write a bunch of bios, and on this site I'm not trying to impress anyone with my writing. I tried that already, and it didn't work. :-)

Point being, ChatGPT seems pretty close to perfect for this particular mission. There are a few puzzling quirks, like no button to copy the generated text (??) but that's a trivial quibble. If this hasn't happened already, it seems certain that Substack will be ever more populated with generated content.

From my long web development background, it seems easy to predict a coming phase for the text generators. Instead of generating articles one at a time, some future version of ChatGPT will generate entire websites. Imagine this prompt...

"Create a web site of more than 1,000 pages which offers a detailed history of the most influential figures in the hippy movement and rock music industry, between 1960 and 1980."

At some point people will be generating entire blog networks like Substack in an hour, instead of five years. Thousands of imaginary authors and their millions of auto generated articles.

Wait, don't get upset, I promise, this comment was hand typed by an actual human being. You remember those, right? Yes, it's true, no really, completely true. I mean, you know, probably. Could be? Ok, maybe not. I really don't know actually.

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Sep 28, 2023·edited Sep 28, 2023Author

Oh wow, Phil has finally joined the dark side!

I'm happy to hear you're finding value in ChatGPT.

To some of your points:

1) "no button to copy the generated text" - there actually is one. To the right of every response, you'll see three small icons: a clipboard, a thumbs up, and a thumbs up. The thumbs let you give feedback to OpenAI about whether you found the response useful. The clipboard copies the response out so you can paste it in elsehwere. Here's how they look: https://i.imgur.com/rRHvHfo.png

2) "future version of ChatGPT will generate entire websites" - yup. We're already moving in that direction with SEO tools that claim to be able to generate articles at scale (https://www.articleforge.com/, https://seo.ai/, and many more)

3) "...millions of auto generated articles" - yup. Scams and spam have long been highlighted as some of the negative use cases for ChatGPT (https://www.theverge.com/2023/5/2/23707788/ai-spam-content-farm-misinformation-reports-newsguard). That's the sad reality of human nature. For every great use case, we'll have people using AI to supercharge whatever illegal or iffy stuff they've already been doing.

I still think articles written purely by LLMs lack the unique voice and perspective that human writers bring to the table. So I'd expect AI-only content to ultimately lose the battle for attention, no matter the scale. But that may well be proven to be a naive take with time.

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Officially, I joined the AI dark side on Dezgo (Stable Diffusion). Now with ChatGPT I'm stereo dark side. I'm 3D stereo dark side with hi-def surround sound audio if you also consider my comments on blogs.

Aha! So THAT's what that little icon is for! Duh! You know, if I had a brain I could have figured that all by myself. Thank you sir.

Today we assume mass produced articles to be low quality, junk, scam spam etc. And there's probably a lot of truth to that... TODAY. But that doesn't necessarily mean it will always be that way, unless we assume there is some hard limit which AI generators won't be able to transcend.

It seems time frame is a central issue in all discussions like this. AI content won't win the battle for attention today, but at some point I predict it will. What I'm seeing is a lot of understandable wishful thinking from writers who insist on making the AI vs. human content comparison based on what's happening now, because now they can still win. It's not clear to me that AI will forever be incapable of mimicking human personality, unique voice etc.

Keep your eyes open for the following please, and let us know if you find it. Somebody out there must be doing an experiment to see how well readers can distinguish today's AI content from human content. Once some critical mass of readers can't tell the difference, AI wins.

For example, someone skilled with both ChatGPT and marketing should see how many paid subscribers they can get to an AI content Substack. That's a major media story just waiting to happen, imho.

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Indeed. People are already experimenting with trying to rank sites in Google with AI content.

Guess we'll see how this evolves soon enough.

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No idea how this will rank on Google :-), but.... Mr. Newbie just learned that ChatGPT does fiction. Whoa....


In real life, I really did hitch hike from Florida to Oregon and back in 1975. I fed that in to ChatGPT, and it decided what happened.

If we're all going to die from AI :-) I'm planning on having a lot of fun while that happens. Mr. Newbie will be quiet now, as he rushes off to learn more of what everybody else already knows.

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Remember, Phil: Power corrupts. The power of ChatGPT corrupts absolutely!

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I'm comforted and reassured knowing that you quote only the wisest most credible sources. :-)

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Sep 25, 2023Liked by Daniel Nest

I’m also super excited about the Dall-E development. A “graphic novel” approach sounds enticing! But I’m a painter who shows in galleries, and I have to point out one thing. The Midjourney grid in your comparison contains images that I could imagine framed on my wall. The Dall-E image looks like a silly Disney poster. From a computer science perspective, Dall-E3 might be a giant leap for mankind. From an artist’s perspective, it doesn’t look like Midjourney has anything to worry about.

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Oh I couldn't agree more. I'm a huge fan of Midjourney (as evidenced by so many of my posts being about it) and think it still remains the leader in image quality and composition.

But that's exactly why I'm so excited about DALLE-3: It competes on a completely different parameter other than just "better graphics." It will probably introduce a whole new category of people to text-to-image models, who might have previously been too intimidated by the Discord interface and the need to learn "prompting" methods.

I look at it a bit like Nintendo Wii coming out. While Xbox and Playstation were competing on making increasingly realistic games using the latest graphics, Nintendo introduced a console with cartoonish, goofy-looking simple games but a whole new way to engage with them, which helped them break into demographics that never gamed previously, including older people playing with their grandkids, etc.

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Both #1 and #2 are game-changers for me. DALL-E integrating into ChatGPT will make the "graphic novel" style approach to writing a lot easier, and not having to leave the app will be really beneficial and time saving to boot.

Bard being able to talk to my google stuff is <3 for my businesses.

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I honestly can't wait to see just how well DALLE-3 lives up to the demo cases. If the level of prompt-accurate rendering is truly that high, it's a major paradigm shift and will take visual storytelling to the next level.

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