I like the format!

I am pretty sure I've been using the Microsoft image editing "spot fix" tool for a couple of months now. I was actually surprised to find it when I edited an image, and i've only used it twice so far, but it works well and does make image editing way easier.

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Interesting, I wonder if it was available as a quiet preview for select users before the announcement. For what it's worth, my Windows Photos app still doesn't have it.

Good to hear the format works. I wanted to keep the news section for those who have come to rely on it while making room for a "paid" section with added stuff. Stay tuned for the coming Sunday.

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Will do, and you're probably right: I've used a lot of MS products over the years and may be considered some kind of superuser due to business involvement, so it wouldn't surprise me that they'd try to wow me with early access. The main idea I see is that everything keeps getting gradually better and better, and that nearly every tool like this is improving incrementally with the rising tide that lifts all AI boats.

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