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Here's a prompt I stumbled upon. Just like you see in a disaster movie scene where a tidal wave crashes into a cityscape. Type in any major city, then the phrase "Tidal Disruption Event". I like to get high quality, so my prompt for this would be "/imagine prompt: Seattle, Tidal Disruption Event. Hyperrealistic. 32K --q 5". Replace "Seattle" with whatever named city or location you want. You can also insert the phrase "Huge Gigantic Wave" for a bigger event. Some examples in my blog floydkelly2020.wordpress.com

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That's a fun prompt, thanks for sharing. Tried it with Copenhagen (where I live).

For now, the "--q 5" parameter is of no consequence in V4. In fact, they even confirmed that something as low as "--q 2" will not improve the image and will just consume your hours (or take longer to produce at "Relaxed" setting). So for V4, just using the standard quality is recommended.

As for things like 32K or "hyperrealistic," I'm still on the fence whether they have any effect in Midjourney. (They are definitelly more impactful in Stable Diffusion.)

Just for fun, I tried this out and can't really tell the difference at all.

Here's the Copenhagen tidel disruption event with no extra modifiers:


Here it is with "hyperrealistic" and "32K":


And here it is with both of the above PLUS "--q 5":


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