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Love these MJ prompts! I have one you might like. “Wes Anderson”, Especially when paired with “fashion” really captures his unique mid century-modern style.

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Heya, glad you liked them! And yeah, Wes Anderson's style is very distinct. The issue for me is that he's been so overused in the AI art community. At some point, I even made this post combining all the overused tropes (Star Wars, 16-bit, Wes Anderson, etc.):


Generally speaking, "artist" tags are super powerful because they combine so many qualifiers in a single word. I even did an experiment with Stable Diffusion where I applied 5 artists to the same subjects:


For my lists of Midjourney prompts, I consciously try to stay away from artist names because they are so dominant. But there's no doubt that they're very impactful.

Thanks for the comment!

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