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Really, really great write-up. Thank you for sharing this.

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You need to upgrade to a paid subscription to use all these right?

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I also ran into performance issues with adding multiple URLs. In the end I used a simple Langchain script to extract information from websites into a csv before uploading it. It basically uses an LLM to scrape/extract key information. I have Twitter post on it here: https://x.com/mardywong/status/1725167155900002809?s=46&t=MJNxhfFQDK0I-h2oHVSwSw

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Nice one! I tried Story Weaver and it is cute :)

It's so fun creating these! Here's one of mine, and a short talk I gave earlier this week with a few examples of my full GPT instructions (no need to 'hack' the GPT to ask for them). You may find some ideas on getting it to follow instructions!

Try out Story Buddy GPT - A creative guide for kids to build and illustrate bedtime stories: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-2k7EGyB1p-story-buddy

And a link to the presentation: https://tome.app/iplusai/custom-gpts-and-examples-cloymdl3q0hako97b6hooko8k

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