This is an excellent analysis! I hadn't seen the DALL-E 3 paper but I'm going to take a look at it later this week.

My main challenge with DALL-E 3 is 1) I'm pretty bad at image prompting, and 2) I don't love a lot of the default image styles that come out. For better or worse, I do like the heavily-stylized and/or photorealistic Midjourney output. Is that something you've been able to replicate via better DALL-E prompts?

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"Fortunately, OpenAI has access to an obscure little language model called GPT-4."

Why was I not informed?!?

I have been an enormous beneficiary of Dall-E 3. Holy crap is the art I'm making better, and I suspect it's only upward from here. I'll look forward to continuing to hear about these little updates from you!

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