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Great summary!

I'm very much looking forward to both GPT-4 and Midjourney V5. The public adoption of AI images seems to be much slower than text, so it's particularly interesting to see what comes of the next gen ChatGPT.

This might be a strong opinion, but to me roughly half of all text-based content on the internet could be replicated by GPT-3. It stands to reason GPT-4 will close that gap to... 80%? 95%?

All those poor communication/journalism majors piling into debt right now.

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Yeah those two are also at the top of my list - not because I don't think text-to-3D is absolutely incredible, but I can find a lot more practical uses in my own daily life with MJ and GPT. Already with ChatGPT, the "humanness" of AI's text output is extremely believable, so I can't even fully imagine what the next level looks like. Hope we'll see it soon.

As for replacing humans, I'm a bit of an optimist on this front. I think AI copywriters are an immediate existential threat to low-effort filler content, cheap Fiver / Upwork gigs, etc. Stuff that's produced cheaply, quickly, and in bulk to fulfill the need for basic content on a site.

There'll still be room for investigative journalism, creative writing, and high-level long-form content that's well researched and collated by humans. For those scenarios, GPT will become an invaluable assistant rather than an outright replacement.

(I believe the same goes for professional / traditional artists who embrace text-to-image and incorporate it into their creative process as yet another tool.)

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