We did an article about this like a month and a half ago, which is like a century for generative AI in 2023. This might give you ideas for a follow up down the road; I know I want to do another as well: https://goatfury.substack.com/p/i-tried-writing-and-recording-a-song

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Jun 22, 2023·edited Jun 22, 2023Author

Ha, the ancient era before MusicGen! It was an innocent time.

Thanks for sharing. It's not quite the same angle, since Rudy had an actual goal in mind (writing a complete song) while I was mainly dicking around with creating samples. At the same time, Rudy's article doesn't have any demo samples from the programs he checked out, and I wanted to have a bit more interactivity and direct comparisons here.

Most of the sites in Rudy's article are also more involved tools for professionals and don't appear to have any "text prompt to music output" capabilities? (Unless I'm overlooking something.)

Still, could be fun to pit "All-in-one complete music creation software" against the new slate of "Text-to-music models" one day.

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Yeah, I think Rudy was learning as he went along, and sort of candidly reporting every step. I think the options available since even last month have blown up, though. It's wild what you can do with sound! And having the sound samples is huge, for sure- adds a lot of value.

Let's keep talking/thinking about this intersection. Maybe we can work together at some point.

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