Affiliate Links: AI Products & Services

Here’s a hand-picked selection of AI-powered tools. I only recommend trusted, well-reviewed products that I’d feel comfortable personally using.

These are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you sign up for a paid plan. In many cases, using my affiliate link also grants you a discount.

1. Copywriting

These tools are about helping you improve your content or write it from scratch.


Create Better Content. In Half The Time. Product #1 Of The Day On Product Hunt!

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2. Music

These tools generate music.


AI Generative Music: For your video content, podcasts, and apps.

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3. Video creation & editing

These tools help you make videos.


Turn any content into highly shareable videos using the power of AI.

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4. Lifestyle & personal development

These tools revolve around helping you get better at a skill or learn a new one


Ace your next online meeting, presentation, sales call, or job interview.

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5. Work & productivity

These tools help you be more effective and productive with your time.


Go from fuzzy thought to clear text. Fast. AudioPen transforms messy voice notes into publish-ready text. (I personally tested it in May 2023.)

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Press 🔵 to record, transcribe, and summarise your meetings with AI. No bots needed.

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“Read more” without reading. Convert your read-it-later list into bite-sized audio convos.

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6. Images & design

These tools revolve around image generation and visuals.

Logo Diffusion

Create logos in seconds with generative AI. Unleash the power of AI to control every aspect of your logo design process.

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