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Prior to 2022, AI was largely hidden from the mainstream audience, lurking behind the scenes in research labs or finding its way into business products, tucked away under the hood.

That all changed when text-to-image tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion and large language models like ChatGPT hit the scene.

Now, the AI space is changing at breakneck speed.

AI tools are increasingly accessible to regular people without a technical background.

People like me and you.

What’s the deal with Why Try AI?

We’re at a point where anyone with a computer or smartphone can jump in and get started with generative AI. For free. In seconds.

That’s exactly what Why Try AI is about: What artificial intelligence can do for the average person.

Even if you’ve never dealt with AI before, I think you’ll feel right at home here.

What type of content will I get?

I’m here to empower and inspire the average user.

So what I write tends to fall into the following categories:

  • Hands-on tips you can implement right away (example)

  • Beginner-friendly tools, sites, and apps to check out (example)

  • News that affect the individual, not businesses or the wider industry (example)

I look for tips, sites, and tools that a casual user can easily figure out, with a special focus on those that don’t cost anything.

How often will I get emails?

I send out two emails a week:

  • Thursdays: Why Try AI, where I typically dive into a single topic.

  • Sundays: 10X AI, where I catch you up on the week’s developments and share practical tools and tips you can try right away.

(I might send an extra timely update if something exciting happens. But that’s rare.)

If that schedule changes in the future, I’ll make sure to announce it!

Is it free?


All of my posts—new and old—are available to everyone. There are no paywalled archives or any other pay-per-view elements.

Having said that, I did open up for an entirely optional paid subscription, just in case some of you fine people want to buy me a coffee every now and then.

What if I just want to give a one-off tip?

I’d be thrilled if you did!

You can do that over here.

Can I read your stuff before I subscribe?

You bet!

It’s all right here in the archive.

Sweet! Where do I subscribe?

Click one of the many “Subscribe” buttons that Substack displays all over the place.

Or you can just use this quick form right here:

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