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I always look forward to your Midjourney posts Daniel! This one doesn't disappoint. I do think it is alway pertinent to mention though, that when working with images that might end up being IP (like logos) that AI generated content is not copyright-able in the US currently. (Cue questions and debate about "how much human input is needed") ;)

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As I suggest in the post, any "logo" out of Midjourney is very much a rough draft. It'll need the eye of an actual designer and may only end up being used for inspiration. So between the Midjourney output and the actual logo, there's hopefully enough human post-editing to make a copyright-worthy product.

But I'm far from an expert on legal matters surrounding the use of AI output. Frankly, it's a new field for most lawmakers as well, which is why we're seeing a scramble to figure out AI regulation all across the world.

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100%... we're all working it out as we go!

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